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Live My Life 03:04
Verse 1 I woke up to the morning light Another day gone out of sight I drift on through another day Don’t want it any other way Chorus Ya ya, live my life Verse 2 Old soul it takes me down a road And where it ends I never know Blind eyes they try to make me see Ahead is where I want to be Chorus Bridge Breeze runs through my hair Drifting away from here The end I don’t know where I know I’m almost there Chorus
Sweep Me 03:55
Verse 1 See my feet right on the ground Feel my breath but make no sound Run away on in my mind Closer, closer never find Pre-Chorus Endless wait I wait for you Understanding what to do Chorus Sweep me off my feet Move me to the beat Verse 2 Sit and wish for another day Make my mind bend another way Chase my tail can’t you see Ever waiting can’t it be Pre-Chorus Chorus Bridge Sit and waiting every day Wishing for another day Chorus
Used to be so beautiful Perfect wave on a perfect day Underneath I clearly see you Crashing down all over me I know it's been far too long now Living in your fantasy You call it a dream and I always say What is meant to be will be Chorus Round and round Your reality Where's the light That shines on in me Round and round Your reality Your reality Can't you see it's always the same thing Verse 2 Paralized by your every breath My soul exposed for your embrace Terrified of what could be, 'cause What is meant to be will be Every day...always the same thing Faded glimmer...in my eyes My empty soul...a long lost day You've got to realize Chorus Bridge Everyday I run away But end up with you and I'm Confined to your sweet embrace I know what's best for me Chorus
Verse 1 Eyes awake to another day again Sunlight shines across my face my friend Brand new day to shake away the pain Open mind is the only way to stay sane Step outside to face a brand new day Mountains hide the clouds they'll come my way Feel the breeze gently touch my face My mind knows the trouble will surely wake...surely wake Pre-Chorus Clouds appear above my head Feeling comes again I dread Chorus Whoa oh oh oh...right now I can't adore Whoa oh oh oh...don't want to see now more whoa oh oh oh...go away I don't know when whoa oh oh oh...I wanna close my eyes again Verse 2 It's been years since you have left this place Gone but don't forget I see your face Look ahead I know I'm on my way Every day is just another day...another day Pre-Chorus Chorus Bridge Sometimes I can't see up from down Frustration always comes around I don't know where I need to go I wish sometimes it wasn't so Chorus
Home 04:01
Verse 1 See a little sunshine in your smile See a little warmness for a while Taste a little sweetness down your face Don’t you let me be in any other place Chorus Over and over, I see you again Just when I thought, I’ve come to an end Despite all the pain, you’re always a friend Take me away and bring me home again Verse 2 Eyes are growing tired from another day Voice has slipped away no more to say Hands cannot explain the trouble I face Come and rescue me to another place Chorus Bridge When I lie awake Can’t run away from this day I feel uninspired Can’t ignite my fire Chorus
If Only 04:29
Verse 1 Waiting for, day to come Pictures of, favorite place…fade and surrender Time slips through before I catch it Look around, what used to be Chorus If only I can speak about it Live to tell it Turn back time and talk about it I’d see another day, my days won’t fade away Verse 2 Look around, closing in Ground below, wastes away…fade and surrender Close my eyes, I cannot see them Beautiful, memories Chorus Bridge Lost and helpless, what can I do now My world is bleeding, don’t know what to do Giving in to, no salvation Why can’t I rescue you? Chorus
Verse 1 Eyes are closed but I see the tide roll Wash away all the trouble days of old Reminisce of a breeze runs through my hair Wasting time but it makes me stop and stare Think about yesterday it is my friend Watching close cautious eyes they never end Latching on holding tight it won’t let go Runaway disappear I’ll never know (last chord is C) Chorus And I sit and I wait yesterday to fade And I hope every day, pain will go away I sit I wait I hope every day I guess it’s just Just another day gone Verse 2 Everyday runaway always come back another day Waiting on every day, I see my time has slipped away I wish that I can see tomorrow You always run you always run from me (last chord is C) Chorus Bridge You disappear never see near always on the run I can’t keep still always try to feel my way to you Chorus
Sweet Kiss 03:34
Every day that passes by I don’t look into your eyes Get me closer now Can’t see right in front of me Got a feel so incomplete Get me closer now Chorus Your sweet kiss, always miss Verse 2 Crave another day to go Bring me closer to your soul Get me closer now Reaching deep inside of me Tranquil waters let me be Get me closer now Chorus
What A Mess 03:43
Chorus And I say yes, I confess, I’m part of the reason why And I digress, what a mess, when did things just go awry I can’t express, my distress, helpless feeling in my mind And I say yes, I confess, what a mess Verse 1 Remember younger days Look out the window shade I see blues and greens and all the little things Makes me want to sing out loud Step in the morning light Run around all day and night My mind takes me places, anywhere I wanna go Chorus Verse 2 I turn the TV on Colors bleed and they’re gone I cannot believe that, all the little things Have turned their back on me Mind drifts to better days Ignore the current ways And I turn away, never want to see Chorus


released March 19, 2011

Album: Close My Eyes (2011)
All music and lyrics by Curt Yagi
Co-produced by Curt Yagi and Larry the O
Recorded and Mixed by Larry the O for Toys In the Attic Productions
Recorded at Studio Faire La Nouba, Vallejo CA
Mastered at Mike Wells Mastering

Curt Yagi & The People Standing Behind Me
Curt Yagi - lead vocals, acoustic guitar, songwriter
Dominique Fredregill, Kristin Hansen - backing vocals
John Hansen - electric bass
Rob "Bass" Bassinette - electric and upright bass
Ben Doitel - saxophone
CJ Posner - trombone
John Halbleib - trumpet
Rob Bernard - lead guitar
Dirk Dieter - percussion
Larry the O - drums

With appearances by James Jarrett - lead guitar and Iseult Jordan - backing vocals


all rights reserved



Curt Yagi & The People Standing Behind Me San Francisco, California

San Francisco based singer songwriter Curt Yagi has been on a tear through the Bay Area music scene.

Ben Fong-Torres, former Senior Editor, Rolling Stone had this to say, "People keep comparing him to other artists, but I think he just sounds like Curt Yagi, and that is plenty good enough. This is one excellent singer and songwriter."
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